Talemy is translation ready. It’s easy to localize/translate your WordPress website, simply follow these 3 steps to run a completely localized website:

  1. Install WordPress in your language or install your language from WordPress Admin.
  2. Translate theme pot file using POedit and upload the translated PO file to theme’s languages folder. (optional)
  3. Translate theme with the help of a plugin
  4. Create contents in your language.

How to Install a Localized Version of WordPress

Since WordPress 4.1 you can install new languages (and change your website language) from the WordPress dashboard. It’s very easy. Skip this if you already run a copy of WordPress in your language.

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Settings > General option
  2. Under Site Language, select the language you’d like to install and click Save Changes button.

How To Translate WordPress Theme Using Poedit

  1. Download and install POEdit translation editor.
  2. Open POEdit and click Create new translation.
  3. Select the talemy.pot file from theme languages folder ( talemy/languages/ ) and click Open.
  4. Select a translation language from the popup window.( e.g. German (Germany) )
  5. Translate all the strings in the list and save the .po file without altering the file name.
  6. Upload these files (.po and .mo) to talemy/languages/ folder on your server. That’s it!

Multilingual Sites

For multilingual sites, we recommend to use plugins like WPML or Polylang. These plugins are well-known solutions for multilingual websites and it’s popular among WordPress users. Talemy theme is compatible with these plugins.

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